Erectile dysfunction Symptoms and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by a man’s impotence to have a hard enough erection to have sex or to keep an erection to finish having sex.

ED affects over 45 million men in the world. Proper erectile function depends on number of factors like physical and psychological arousal. The nervous system responds to arousal by releasing chemicals, such as nitric oxide, into the penile blood to cause the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis to enlarge, increasing blood flow to the sponge-like cylinders, and forming an erection. Any interruption along this pathway may result in erectile dysfunction. You can also get Amazing Erection Supplements from

Main symptom of erectile dysfunction:

It is the inability to have an erection or inability to sustain an erection long enough to finish having sex.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms appear as the inability to gain and maintain an erection well enough to engage in satisfactory sexual intercourse. It’s normal for every man to experience periodic erectile dysfunction symptoms during his life, how are you supposed to know if your symptoms are serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office? If the symptoms “come and go” from time to time, but your sexual function is normal in between episodes, then you are probably just experiencing the normal type of erectile dysfunction connected to fast lifestyle, that occasionally affects every man.

Role of Anxiety and Stress

The most important causes of these occurrences are anxiety and stress. Symptoms that suddenly appear when you’re with a partner, but are not present at other times, are likely caused by psychological, not physical, factors. While this form of erectile dysfunction may require counseling, it probably won’t require erectile dysfunction medication.

In cases where erectile dysfunction symptoms appear slowly over time, and continue to persist, there is a high likelihood that some underlying physical problem is involved. Should this describe your experience with erectile dysfunction, it is recommended that you consult a physician. This form of ED can usually be treated with medication and you can also treat Morning Wood easily, lifestyle changes, or some combination thereof.

To prevent erectile dysfunction you should have more time to rest, go in for sports, spend more time on fresh air and try to move more. Sitting way of living can also be a reason of men’ inability to have normal erection during having sex.

Special low fat diet, combined with big dose of vitamins and enough time of sleep can help you to strength your general health and protect you from stresses.


Erectile dysfunction can be usually treated through drugs. Viagra is generally the drug used for treating erectile dysfunction, and many people use with success. Apart from Viagra, other erectile dysfunction treatments include intraurethral suppositories which are the insertion of medications into the urethra. Also, vacuum constrictive devices for the penis are sometimes prescribed by physicians, and even psychotherapy helps sometimes. Sometimes, taking medications for the causes that might be triggering erectile problems can also make a big difference. For instance, sometimes depression or hypertension might be causing erection problems, and taking proper treatment for these can be helpful in eliminating the problem of erection.

Apart from the medical treatments of erectile dysfunction, there are also erectile dysfunction exercises, which help in the removal of this problem. Pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel, have been proved to have a dramatic effect on the potency, and many men who practiced these exercises, agreed that there was 30% increase in their rigidity. Improvements in the lifestyle like proper exercise, keeping weight in check, non smoking habits, abstinence from alcohol, are some other methods that can keep one away from erectile dysfunction.