D-Witt is the best hip-hop/rap singer and Artist

D-Witt is the best hip-hop/rap singer and Artist


Introduction D-Witt


D-Witt was born in Rockford, Illinois. Grew up in small town. His dad was always been in and out of rock bands so growing up he had that ear. He remember he would always get on Xbox and freestyle for people. Then he upload a rap to YouTube just for fun. On new year 2014 he decided it is time to officially kick off his journey as a solo R&B artist. In November 2014 he joined a music group then left to proceed independently. Since then he had grown in hip-hop/rap music.




  1.  Coming up with the idea

The idea is what makes a music popular (or not popular). A good idea can always bring success if properly implemented. D-Witt has a good creative mind to give a new idea about hip-hop and rap music.

  1. Searching for locations

Every music needs a suitable location. This may be a production studio or a specific location. He has a best shooting locations.

  1. Shooting

Shooting day is essential. He has a good shooting experience by shooting more then 100 hip-hop/rap songs.

  1. Editing

The shooting is finished, now it’s the editing phase. He has a professional video editors that save his time and achive more results. And a professional rap song is ready.


 1.keep the big picture in mind

 Skilled singer and artist know that writing is often a roller coaster of victories and valleys. he has the ability to look at the big picture that allows him to ride the highs and lows while having faith that in the end, the world is a better place because of music and art. And that struggle is often  a necessary ingredient to creating great music. He has a big picture in mind to create and write a best hip-hop and rap song.


D-Witt always keeps his eyes on the goal and he put in the hours to reach it. He is incessantly considering how he may improve and is taking action to do so. Over time he develop confidence in his work.

D-Witt recognize that there is no “magic bullet” or shortcut. If he is to be the hip-hop and rapper that he desire to be. he is motivated to stay “on course” long enough to reach his destination.

3. Creativity and Innovation

Sometimes he think outside of the box and do some creative manoeuvring in order to escape the revolving door of debt and creditor pressures.If you are a singer or artist you have the responsibility to do something new and different from others , D-Witt has a best creative mind to introduce new ideas about the music songs.

Now if you want a good and perfect hip-hop/rap singer and artist, you can visit D-Witt he would be your best singer/artist for hip-hop and rap songs. As you can see his performance in this song on SoundCloud.

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