Cybersecurity in Robotics Market Latest Innovations, Drivers And Industry Key Events

Rapid inroads made by robotics in our daily lives have been making profound automation effect in wide range of arenas. With each passing day the capabilities of robotics have advanced from the incorporation of new sensors, control systems, and manipulators, and power supply systems. With this, unarguably, they have been exposed to new bugs and vulnerabilities, bringing new risks to humans’ safety and productivity at large. The drive for the cybersecurity in robotics market stems from the need reducing these risks.

There have been numerous application areas that routinely deal with confidential data such as in defense, space, medical surgeries, and household applications. Over the past few years, there have been several instances where each of the application areas has demonstrated rise in cybersecurity risks. This may be either due to the lack of robust cybersecurity framework or due to growing complexity of vulnerabilities that may affect smart technologies. With the advent of new software linked to sensors, processors, and actuators used for robotics, the communication protocols have also been laid bare to new cybersecurity risks. All these aspects define the growth dynamic of the cybersecurity in robotics market.

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Global Cybersecurity in Robotics Market: Growth Dynamics

Emerging paradigm of industrial internet of things (IIoT) robots has made a vast bearing on the expansion of the cybersecurity in robotics market. In industrialized nations, industry 4.0 has made rapid strides, propelling the demand for new cybersecurity tools for networked robotics. Growing inclusion of cyber-physical systems in networked robots has opened new avenues for data breaches. This is a key trend boosting the cybersecurity in robotics market.

Growing popularity of AI-enabled robots, the role of cybersecurity has grown in significance for a number of end-use industries over the past few years. Cybersecurity concerns have been particularly important for manufacturers. Over the past few years, new vulnerabilities in robot firmware and software are boosting the market. The demands in cybersecurity in robotics market have been filliped by advances in detection and response measures. Adopters of robotic automation are focusing on increasing the depth of IIoT architecture to avoid attacks. A popular approach has been to create multilayered architectures to dissuade attackers.

Advancing cybersecurity standards for automation in recent years has boosted the cybersecurity in robotics market. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have been at the forefront. Over the past few years, roboticists and computer scientists world over have been making inter-disciplinary efforts to address privacy and security in cyber-physical systems.

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Global Cybersecurity in Robotics Market: Notable Developments

New concepts are gaining ground in developing robust cybersecurity in robotics and several companies have pinned high hopes on robotics technologies in transforming the business of manufacturing with advanced automation. Although networking of robots to cloud has come with considerable risk factors, companies offering industrial automation technologies are trying to change the perceptions of end-use industries in the cybersecurity in robotics market. A few companies have decided to expand awareness of new cybersecurity measures in RoboBusiness 2019 expected to be held October this year. Companies including Siemens consider edge robotics to play a role in making more industrial robots. Several organizations in developed nations have been researching real use cases of such edge solutions in developing ecosystem.

Some of the prominent players operating in the cybersecurity in robotics market are Skyhopper, NTT Data Services, Exida, Xelium Tech Solution, NTT Data, Alias Robotics, Beyond Security, Trojan Horse Security, TUV Rheinland, Aujas Cyber security, and McAfee.

Global Cybersecurity in Robotics Market: Regional Outlook

Among the various regions, the cybersecurity in robotics market has seen substantial prospects in North America and Europe. Rising use of robotics process automation in applications in enterprises has expanded the prospects of the market. Strides made by IIoT in the U.S. and Germany have been spurring innovations in these regions. Expanding research into developing new cybersecurity tools for drone and industrial 4.0 is opening lucrative avenues in Asia Pacific.

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