Contact Center Solution Market: Key Players, Trends, Gaming Type And Forecast 2023-2030

Cloud Services and Home-sourcing Minimize Exposure to COVID-19

Cloud contact center solutions have gained prominence during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. With the help of cloud, service providers are able to achieve more flexibility in managing customer operations using a remote workforce. On the other hand, the trend of home-sourcing is gaining traction in countries of Asia Pacific. As such, Asia Pacific is projected to grow at an exponential rate in the contact center solution market during the assessment period.

The trend of home-sourcing is benefitting contact center agents amidst the current COVID-19 situation. These agents are being equipped with laptops and access to the corporate network via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from their home Wi-Fi. This has drastically reduced the need for agents to report to their respective offices, whilst minimizing the exposure toward the novel infection. These factors are expected to drive the contact center solution market during the forecast period.

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Proactive Monitoring and Improved Agent Communication Help Optimize Customer Experience

The contact center solution market is expected to grow at an astonishing CAGR of ~19% during the forecast period. However, challenges such as poor audio quality and lack of communication at centers can affect services provided to customers. Hence, companies in the contact center solution market are implementing proactive monitoring and testing of phone lines to move toward better services. Conducting bi-weekly or monthly meetings at the center is another solution to avoid lack of communication.

Companies are investing in unique and innovative ideas to optimize their contact center customer experience. Proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), visual support, and data analytics are helping companies to scale business opportunities. As such, companies are tapping into incremental opportunities in countries of North America, since this region is projected to hold the lion’s share in terms of revenue.

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AI Technologies Leverage Omni-channel Communication and Intelligent Visual Support in Businesses

AI, visual support, and data analytics are emerging as key drivers that are contributing to the growth of the contact center solution market. The growing demand for prompt and effective customer solutions is creating revenue opportunities for contact centers. Due to the ongoing pandemic, businesses have become more reliant on contact centers more than ever in order to cope with the increased demand. This explains why the contact center solution market is expected to cross US$ 118.6 Bn by the end of 2030.

Omni-channel communication and intelligent visual support are helping enterprises revolutionize their business. Voice messages and social media are helping agents to interact with customers. Co-browsing and augmented reality (AR) technologies are providing real-time solutions to customer problems.

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Self-service Bots and Gig Agents Helping Companies in Leveraging Business Opportunities

The transition from product to service is generating new business avenues for companies in the contact center solution market. This shift is helping contact center agents to improve and deliver customer engagement. Self-service bots are a fast growing phenomenon in contact centers and are very suitable for common queries of customers. These bots help to reduce costs but deliver less customer satisfaction, since the technology in bots is still at the nascent stage. Hence, companies in the contact center solution market are targeting bot services for insurance companies who are able to advise and sell their insurance products to customers.

Gig agents are growing in popularity for contact center solutions. Since these agents are mostly students or stay-at-home parents, AI technologies are being deployed to interpret the request of customers and provide agents with visual guidance for resolution.

Contact Management Software Grow Popular for Personalized and Convenient Customer Interactions

Contact center software solutions are being used by companies in order to gain a competitive edge. The software are capable of enabling positive customer interaction and deliver a seamless experience in terms of providing personalized services. Hence, companies in the contact center solution market, such as Aspect, is increasing its marketing capabilities to gain visibility for its contact management software that facilitates live interactions and mobile communications.

The delivery of powerful, personalized, and convenient interactions has become the key focus point for service providers in the contact center solution market. Contact agents are able to comply with key regulations with the assistance of contact management software in terms of providing advanced routing and dialing solutions.