Can you buy Trustpilot Reviews?

trustpilot reviews

I have owned a local shoe store in Brooklyn for 12 years. For many years, our main vision has been to satisfy our customers. We take care of almost all our customers one by one and provide solutions to their problems. On November 16 (someone I thought to be malicious) left a bad revıew on my company’s Trustpilot account. Later on November 19th, two more bad reviews were posted on my Trustpilot profile. I tried reaching out to people who posted the comments, but they are definitely not my customers. I contacted Trustpilot to find the solution. But they did not help me about it in any way. They said that fake and malicious comments cannot be deleted. On top of that, I was looking for a new solution for my business Trustpilot score.

So, immediately started researching if I could buy trustpilot reviews. I found a few websites. After filtering these websites, I decided to get service from the website called I reached them via e-mail and realized that they have a very polite and trustworthy customer service. I immediately placed an order afterwards, bought only one review on my first order (I have some trust issues).

They got back to me in about 3 hours and made the review on my Trustpilot profile. I was so glad then immediately started creating a new order. This time, I ordered 10 reviews because I trust their services. They delivered my order in about 21 hours. Moreover, they made 1 extra review as a gift.

The negative comments did not represent the value my business deserves on the internet. The score on my Trustpilot profile had a negative impact on my potential new customers’ decision making. Hickimse does not want to shop from a business with a low score and a bad comment. Make sure to direct your customers to websites like Trustpilot. Let him leave positive reviews for your business.

I mentioned this issue in my previous blog post. I wanted to write a new article thanks to more detailed questions from you.  I recommend the website that I mentioned above to every business owner who likes their job (I will leave the link at the end of my article). I think this will be the cheapest and most effective investment that you can make for your business. Comments on the internet matter more than anything these days.

Check the link below.