Breathe Green Bags

Breathe Green Bags

Breathe easy with Breathe Green Bags –  Have you ever walked in a room and felt for a second as if you were drowning in congestion? The first time you enter a room, your nose sniffs everything in this air. You will likely adapt to the smells and not even notice them after being in the room for a few minutes, but your system will not. He continues to receive toxins from the lungs, which will certainly be more difficult to eliminate.

So what do you do with the smells in your house? You get the best product for the job, that’s it! Breathe Green Eco, with activated charcoal as one of its active ingredients, has been hailed as one of the best for decongesting the air and leaving it crisp.

How Breath Green Works

You must have heard of the many benefits of bamboo and activated charcoal. These two are very popular in the beauty industry and it is easy to understand why. The charcoal in this little bag, for example, is green for many things.

  • It eliminates odors on all surfaces as well as all allergens and pollutants in the house.
  • It draws moisture from your shoes, keeping them in perfect condition.
  • Because it sucks moisture – and even prevents it from settling in the house – it prevents the formation of mold and mildew.
  • Food stays fresh longer when there is no moisture in the air. Your fridge will never be great again.

Scientifically, activated charcoal from strips of bamboo and coconut, treated at high temperature to create a large surface. This space allows the product to absorb a lot of molecules to purify the air and leave it crisp. The manufacturer of this product claims that studies have shown that activated carbon reduces harmful chemicals such as chloroform gases, formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia from the air when released from plants and carpets . A Japanese study found that the type of activated charcoal used in the making of Breathe Green Bags was effective in absorbing ammonia and trapping it in the bag for hours. Yet another review of the studies notes that activated charcoal can absorb gasoline vapor and other harmful components found in second-hand cigarette smoke. Maybe these Breathe Green Bags should be hung on the strategic streets of the most polluted cities, don’t you think?

Where to use Breathe Green Bags

Due to their size, these bags are discreet and you can hide them almost anywhere. They’re great for kitchens where most of the humidity and odors are likely to come from, the fridge when you can’t get rid of that funk no matter what you clean, and your closet to protect your clothes and moisture shoes. You can even hang a bag in your car and another in the garage. Basically, you can hang one at any place that needs an air filter.

Activated charcoal does not smell, so you will never notice it is there. These bags are reusable – or better, you can leave one in your closet for weeks, given their absorbency.

Does it really work?

You know that a company trusts its product when it offers to refund your money if you are not satisfied. So the bag maker Breath Green is so eager to get you to try this product that it waives shipping costs. Yes! No cost to ship it to the country and you are also guaranteed a cash refund if the product does not meet your expectations. Is there a wrong in trying, there really is no responsibility? Also note that this organic air filter is cheaper than most products on the market that claim to do the same job.


  • Small and easy to use because it has a metal eyelet for hanging. You can practically hang it anywhere.
  • They are organic, made from activated bamboo charcoal and packaged in a biodegradable bag.
  • Quite inexpensive – actually cheaper than any other product of its kind on the market.
  • Free delivery in the states.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • Small and easy to use because it has a metal eyelet for hanging. You can practically hang it anywhere.

The inconvenients:

  • Difficult to know when to throw the bag.
  • Breathe Green Bags are currently only sold online and therefore cannot be found in stores.
  • You will need to replace them periodically.

Worth every penny

We have tried to consult Breathe Green reviews for other disadvantages, but there are hardly any. Although further studies are needed to show the scientific benefits of activated charcoal, current studies already show that it is quite effective in filtering air. Breathe Green Bags have not yet been brought to stores and are therefore currently only available online. However, shipping is fairly quick and available for free nationwide.

A bag costs $ 19.99, but there are also quantity discounts if you want to save yourself a few dollars. For example, eight bags cost $ 159.95 and you get 12 for free! Get your Breathe Green Bags today!