Anti-drone Market Manufacturers, Growth Rate By Application, Market Size And Forecast 2024 – 2030

Widening Applications in Defense Sector to Propel Market Growth

During the past decade, drones have played a key role in several avenues, particularly in the defense sector. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), flying robots, and compact pilotless aircraft continue to gain considerable popularity around the world. Although advancements in drone as well as anti-drone technology are rapid, the anti-drone market is currently at the nascent stage due to which, there is tremendous scope for advanced anti-drone technologies and concepts in various industries. While the demand for drones, mainly from defense and e-Commerce sectors is on the rise, mass adoption of the anti-drone technology is gradually taking shape, owing to advancements in various technologies.

The adoption of anti-drone systems and technologies from business as well as government organizations around the world is on the rise and as per current trends, anti drone technologies are gradually piercing into different industrial sectors. Players operating in the current anti-drone market are increasingly focusing on improving the accuracy, range, size, and several other functional and physical parameters of their solutions to gain a competitive edge in the current market landscape. Several players in the market are investing noteworthy resources in testing various prototypes and improving the design aspects of their anti-drone systems.

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While government agencies are expected to remain primary consumers of anti-drone systems, considerable research is being carried out to investigate the potential of these solutions in a spectrum of industrial sectors. At the back of these factors, the global anti-drone market is expected to reach US$ 3.5 Bn by the end of 2030.

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Anti-drone Technology Set to Redefine Future of Rogue Drone Defense

Over the past decade, owing to safety concerns and potential threat to national security, anti-drone systems have garnered considerable interest around the world. Military as well as non military drones have repeatedly posed considerable security threats to various nations around the world due to which, the demand for anti-drone technologies and systems is expected to witness considerable surge during the forecast period. At present, multiple players operating in the anti-drone market landscape, including startups and state-owned contractors are focusing on the development of anti-drone systems that have the capability to track, detect, jam, and destroy rogue drones. In addition, several aerospace and defense manufacturers are increasingly focusing on developing anti-drone systems that are highly efficient even at night.

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Advancements in UAV Technology and High-scale Industry Adoption to Boost Market Growth

Within the anti-drone market, the current global patent landscape has experienced considerable developments due to the entry of an array of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Due to the versatility offered by drones or UAVs, the demand across various industries, including consumer goods, transportation, agriculture, and military. As the drone technology continues to provide considerable benefits to the military sector, government agencies are increasingly issuing commercial drone permits, which in turn, has created considerable opportunities for participants operating in the anti-drone market. In addition, considerable developments in ancillary functions and underlying technology have played a key role in accelerating innovations in the drone and anti-drone market. As more number of drone technologies continue to enter the market, with it, anti-drone technologies and systems, including anti-jamming and trajectory services are gaining worldwide interest. The progress in the counter-drone technology is projected to provide a boost to the overall growth of the global anti-drone market.

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