A Definite CocoFax Guide On How To Fax From Mac


Some good old things never get old. The fax also belongs to the category of the primitive and ancient things that people just cannot get overdue to their ultimate pros and plus points.

Keeping in view the much greater use of fax nowadays, some people might mistake it as a new and current invention. However, the case is opposite. Fax is an old innovation who came up to the surface some decades ago. But because of its utmost security advantages, fax is still in use today. Check out this fax.

The fact that faxing is still prevailing can be justified because the new an advanced technologies have made the process of faxing much easier than before. In the present days, there is absolutely no demand for the absurd necessities of the past faxing such as fax machines, paper and toner etc.

Also, you no more need to be in a specific place to fax your documents(like in an office) because you can do so from anywhere in the world and at any time. The new and advanced faxing techniques allow faxing to be done from any device or gadget such as PC, laptop and even mobile phones.

And those who have love for the old schools, have also got love for Mac. Besides Windows, Mac is also mainstream which majority of the experts and businessmen use for official purposes. Hence it would be a waste if faxing could not be done on Mac. So fax experts have provided answers for this too.

How is Mac Faxing achievable?

Wait, faxing from Mac sounds a bit strange, right? A point to ponder is that how is faxing even possible from Mac. This question arises due to the incompatibility of these two forums.

Faxing is a primitive approach and thus works on analog signals. While, on the other side, Mac works in the opposite way i.e. through digital signals. So for these two to work together, there was a need for a third party fax service that makes them work in concert.

Among all the fax services out there, there are only a handful of those that can be trusted. But as you are here so you have absolutely no need to go out and search for the most appropriate one because you will get all the necessary info here. And on top of everything, you will find out about the ultimate best and superb faxing app that allows faxing from Mac as well as through many other ways.

CocoFax – Turns Any of Your Device into a Fax Machine

Coming towards the absolute best of all, Cocofax is a fax app for Mac that works much effectively. Not only on Mac, CocoFax provides faxing facilities on many other platforms as well.

Macintosh PCs are for experts, and on the off chance that you need a fax application for Mac that is similarly proficient, CocoFax is the thing that you need. It is the most presumed online fax administration that can send and get faxes directly from your Mac.

CocoFax serves innumerable clients all around the globe. And with such huge client base, CoocFax proudly stands as the top faxing service that provides different facilities to aid the faxing process. That is why it has been featured in and praised by the world’s best news sources like Forbes, Toms Guide and the New York Times.

Furthermore, it isn’t simply constrained to faxing from your Mac. in the event that you utilize a Mac in your house and you wish to fax from home, CocoFax has got you secured there as well. With CocoFax, you can fax from iPhone, Android telephone, Computer, or some other web associated gadget.

Ways to Fax from Mac using CocoFax

For CocoFax, convenience is everything hence it has taken all measures to make it possible for the users to have a pleasurable faxing experience. You can get to know all about it on the site www.cocofax.com. For faxing through Mac alone, there are more than one ways to do that. So you’ve got a choice here too. And with choice, comes convenience. You can choose one way that is the most suitable to you.

Part 1: Mac Faxing through CocoFax Online Dashboard

There is an excellent facility of online dashboard that CocoFax provides to its users. You get your very own dashboard that you can use to easily transfer and get faxes anywhere anytime. You must make sure that the device you use for faxing must be connected to an internet connection because otherwise your dashboard won’t work.

Here we have displayed the simple steps by following which you can easily start faxing from your Mac.

Step 1: First of all, get a CocoFax account. It is necessary that you sign up before starting to use CocoFax. Here you can also choose a fax number of your own to start smooth faxing. Your fax number, your choice.

Step 2: After signing up, your dashboard will directly open. That is the place where you manage all your faxes. Press the ‘New Fax’ button and fill in all the respective fields.

The ‘To’ field will contain the recipient’s text address. ‘Subject’ will contain the top note of the fax document and the ‘cover page’ includes the content of the first page. Attach your related document you want to fax.

Double-check everything once or twice and then send your fax. You will also get a confirmation email once your fax is delivered safely.

Part 2: Mac Faxing through CocoFax Email-to-Fax Service

CocoFax has another excellent faxing service which allows you to send your faxes through email. Yes, you can use email to fax too. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1: First thing you need to do is the same as that of the above process; to register yourself with CocoFax. This you can do by going to their official site. Also provide your email address that you want to use for faxing.

Step 2: Once that is done, open your email (Gmail or any other) id and compose a new mail. in the ‘To’ area, write down the fax address of the person receiving your fax. Email body can have the content of the first page of your document. The Subject will comprise the top note that will come at the beginning of your document.

Attach your document and send it. You will also be notified upon its successful delivery.


As it is clear that it is only through CocoFax that Mac faxing has been made possible. CocoFax has not only made it achievable and doable but has also made it an extremely easy task. Get yourself registered with CocoFax and start faxing with your Mac right away.