7 Tips to Get Rid of your Anxiety & Stress Forever

7 Tips to Get Rid of your Anxiety & Stress Forever

Anxiety and stress are physical reactions of our body when it faces stressors. Everybody faces this feeling once in a while, but when they are triggered too easily or too often, they can interfere with our lives and become a serious problem. These stress factors are familiar, and humankind has faced them since the beginning of time.

Still, this year 2024 is incredibly stressful and anxious for all the inhabitants of our precious planet, so I found it was time to give some advice.

You will receive a few tips that will help you put things into perspective.

What is the secret formula for inner peace?

1. It is above all important to stay active:

Exercise helps fight stress and anxiety because it releases endorphins, the wellness hormone. You will also get rid of all the accumulated energy in your body that can quickly turn into anxiety and stress when triggered. Besides these wonderful effects on your body, it is essential to point out that by sweating during exercise, you enable your body to get rid of all the harmful toxins in it accumulates.


2. Stay in touch with your loved ones

Stay in touch with your loved ones

Whether you live close to your relatives or far away like in another country, it is essential to stay surrounded by your relatives and friends. In these modern times, you have no more excuses for failing to exteriorize yourself. Whether you are using the phone, Whatsapp, Skype, or you can jump in your car and go and visit someone you love. It is vital to be social and have a social life! The simple fact of feeling surrounded and understood will already have a relaxing effect on you. If you feel stressed or anxious and you have trouble dealing with these feelings, it is crucial to listen to the vision of your loved ones to have another perspective on everything that is going on in your life.

The importance of social interaction and sport brings us to the next point.


3. Stop the intake of stimulants like caffeine for a while

If you are going to start a sport, preferably a group sport to interact with other people, it goes without saying that you will consume a sufficient amount of water every day. Preferably two liters of water per day. This water consumption will keep your body hydrated while removing excess toxins, which will relax your body. The effect of caffeine on your body is the opposite as it will raise your stress hormones and make you feel anxious. So, please do yourself a favor and stop consuming it, at least for a while.


4. Have a regular sleep pattern

Then it is time to try to get eight hours of sleep and don’t go to bed after 11 pm. Your body needs to respect the Circadian rhythm to be fully rested. There is no way around this, and if you think you have no time to sleep so long, then you will have to make time.


5. Spend time outdoors

Spend time outdoors

Remember to spend time outdoors every day. Leave your car parked for short distances. Not only will you be doing a low impact sport by walking, but your body will be able to breathe fresh air, allowing it to take in a healthy dose of oxygen. Aside from fresh air, exposure to the sun will naturally raise your serotonin levels, which will have a tremendous impact on your mood. And this good mood is the perfect antidote against stress and anxiety.


6. Limit your news consumption

When you get home, do not turn on your television directly but rather take time out for yourself. The time you spend watching TV is often wasted time. Also, let’s face it, almost all the news we see on our TV is terrible and does nothing but stress us out.

7. Make love

On the contrary, if you take the time to make love to your life companion, your body will start producing a high dose of oxytocin, the love hormone. It will make you feel relaxed and full of empathy.

Now take a deep breath, look outside the window, and take a minute to contemplate how beautiful life is.