Every casino frequenter and lover must be conversant with the Starburst slot. If you are seeking a deeper understanding of it, then you are in the right place! What is the Starburst slot?

NETent never stops pulling surprises. These innovative and creative game developers created the Starburst slots game. Starburst is a one slot game with five reels and ten pay lines. Although it does not have as many pay lines as other casino slot games, Starbursts offers double chances of winning.

The slot game is designed to pay on both the left and the right, therefore giving more likely combinations. Starburst slot game provides the player with ten betting options to choose from, from 0.01 to 100 per betting spin.

What makes the Starburst slot so popular?

Starburst has been around for the past six years, but every year, it has been rated the most popular game. The slot game has got players coming back to the casinos every day. Why is the Starburst slot game so popular?

You may think it’s the fact that most casinos award Starburst free spins as a way of attracting customers that makes Starburst the most popular slot game, but that’s not all. There is more! We have taken a look at these factors.

Bonus features

There is no other slot game that comes with features like Starburst. Lets begin with the autoplay feature. The autoplay feature is one to fall in love with as it allows the player to set some autoplay settings such as the ability to stop in case of a win.

You can also stop spinning when you lose past a certain amount. You can set between 10 to 1000 automatic spins with this feature. What better, you can seamlessly opt-out from this feature by clicking the stop button manually.

The other feature we love about Starburst is the bonus feature. Yes, you heard that right. Starbursts come with a bonus feature. Its not, however, your ordinary bonus.

The bonus feature on Starburst slot game is represented by multicolored stars that appear on reels two, three, and four. Each time such a symbol appears, it will spread over the entire video screen and stay there for up to three spins. What does this mean? The bonus feature increases the chances of winning by turning wild, therefore increasing chances of rewards.

High return percentage

The joy of betting is in being sure you have close to 100% chances of winning. Starburst slot game has a 96% winning chance, which is higher than any other slot game. Any amount you place one bet is a promising win.

Graphics and sounds

The first thing that will catch your attention with this game slot is the graphics and sound. What appeals to the eye can easily appeal generally. Starburst does not disappoint. This slot game is a fast-paced and high energy game that comes off as fascinating from the first trial.

The video slot is designed with exceptional graphics and sound and packed with fun features for unforgettable gaming. The graphics are designed to last to the foreseeable future. The graphics are detailed and exciting arcade-like feel with a customized soundtrack.

High stakes, low stakes

Starburst has got something for everyone! Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you dont have to hold back with the Starburst slot game. Are you up for high stakes or low stakes?

If you are on a budget, you can choose to play at 10p per spin. If you are lucky enough, you can walk away with a big win. Also, if you are able to dig deeper into your pocket, the better. A confident gambler, you can bet up to 100 bucks and win up to 50, 000 bucks I return.

Easy to play

The goal of any casino game is to have fun and enjoy the moment. If the game is too technical, you may get consumed in trying to play other than the fun. What we love about Starburst is how easy it is to play. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, Starburst is the game for you! The game is also rather engaging. There is no dull moment with the Starburst slot game!


  • Its loaded with free spins feature
  • Excellent bet range for all players
  • Amazing features such as features and wilds


  • Some casinos lack all the listed games
  • Game history is not made available when playing for fun other than betting


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