TV and Films are considered to be the most glamorous parts of media and there is no doubt that everyone wants to be part of it. However due to a lot of competition, only a few can actually make it. Numerous people are part of the entertainment industry but in different ways. Many people take auditions and try to enter it but only the lucky ones get the chance of securing a place in this glamorous world. With all of that being said, there are even a few people who won the hearts of their viewers only after performing for a single time, and among those celebrities, the first name to exist in our mind is Kathy Peters. She is known for her great modeling skills and has a very unique style which makes her prominent from other models. She is a very famous Instagram influencer with thousands of people following her. Most of her fans know her as an Instagram model, and her pictures express that she knows the art of casting spell on people through her beauty.


The charms of this Insta model spread even more after she performed in a movie in which she shaved her head. This is a very bold move because girls are quite cautious about their looks, but she bravely cut all of her hair in order to play a specific role. This shows her level of dedication to the media industry.

Apart from being super talented, she is also very pretty and is considered to be one of the hottest alternative models in the model industry.

Moreover, Kathyinframe collaborators with thousands of people all around the world for free even though she could be charging she believes in giving and taking. Her main intention is to connect with fellow artists from all over the world to make the world a better place or as she would say: “To heal the world with vulnerability and self-love”.  If you are among those few people who don’t know what we are talking about then trust us she is one of the actors you need to know and in order to do that, you can read her success story.

About Kathyinframe

Kathy Peters is not only a famous actress but also a well known Insta model. She is only 22 years old but has already proved herself in the media by displaying her skills like dancing, writing, and modeling, and of course acting. She will soon publish a poetry book in which she displays her mental health story and recovery, which surely will be a hit! She was born in Germany but already worked as a young artist in Spain, Bali, and New Zealand. She currently lives in Auckland, Nz but will be moving back to her home country soon.

She was very young when she started working as a model. According to the records, she was only 13 years old when she did her first project as a model and we all know how difficult it can get for such a young child. If you are looking for models living in NZ, then she would be the right choice for you. After finishing high school, she left her home country for the sake of her future and career.

If we talk about her work, this International actress from Germany has worked with videographers, makeup artists, designers, and photographers. All of this makes her a very experienced model and one of the most talented models you should know.

Physical and mental health:

Back in the day, she faced a mental health issue that led her towards depression, and most of them are flashbacks of her childhood. After her treatment, she started spreading mental health awareness in people who are suffering from social and domestic abuse. In this way, she is sharing her pain with others and, in return, some healing words for her inner wounds.

She is still mentally disturbed!! You can call her crazy!!

Social media and Kathy Peters:


Have you ever visited her social media account? Well, we are allowing you to visit her Instagram account @ Kathyinframe and get direct access. You will admire her beauty and find out about her work through the amazing pictures and videos she shares. The International actress from Germany is admired for her beautiful looks and appearance. She’s one of the most beautiful tomboy models who are currently working in the industry. This is the reason why this German actress is at number five in the list of top ten hottest women and models you should hire. You will appreciate her looks, passion for work, and her professionalism because she is one of the famous models from Germany.

On her Instagram, she often posts the lively and bold pictures that relate to any of her modeling project. She is also a member of the LGBT community and is therefore considered a queer model. The internet provides very little information about her boyfriends/girlfriends and she likes to keep her private life separate. Fair enough!

How to contact her?


In this age of social media, it is not hard to find someone on social media platforms. She is very active on Instagram and YouTube, so you can follow and subscribe to her for fantastic content. She is also available on Fiverr and offers her services as a freelance model, so you can contact her through any of these online platforms. Keep in mind that as she is an Insta Model and celebrity, so she has a lot of followers on that platform. She would have used a good Instagram bot for boosting followers and got a lot of them in the starting and then they are getting organically increasing. That is why there’s a chance of your message getting lost among all the other ones. So it is best that you contact her through her Fiverr account because it is easy to find her as a Fiverr freelancer. You can check her resume on her website at Here we are pasting some relevant links that will help you in finding her: Instagram, Website, Fiverr

Recently, she has also uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel on which she shares her short films, model videos, travel vlogs, and mental health advice.

You can also visit her website, where you will get some details of her work and upcoming events and projects. There are very few models that are available on Fiverr, so it is easy to choose.  Kathyinframe is a true GIRL HUSTLER who loves staying busy in her work. If you want to know more about this amazing celebrity, then don’t forget to join her active social media accounts where you will get some information about her lifestyle, work, and other related news.


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