Google Meet or Zoom, which one is better?
Google Meet or Zoom, which one is better?

As the pandemic has taken place, virtual meetings have become extremely popular and some of the most commonly used platforms are Zoom or Google Meet. Here are some of the features that stand out for each platform. You can develop an app for video conferencing that can be popular due to the popular trend through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai


Zoom is the most popular platform for free videoconferencing software however one advantage that is notable for Google Meet is that it has the ability for hosting meetings through web browsers.. Participants have the ability to join Zoom through their web browsers or Windows 10 and Mac OS client. However, mobile clients are able to enjoy the benefit of both Zoom and Google Meet having free aps for iOS or Android device so that they can start video conferences wherever they are and whenever they need it. You can develop similar app with mobile app development Dubai. 

Google Meet also has the advantage in accessibility through Google Chrome along with other browsers without the need of installing plugins or any additional downloads for that matter by simply visiting Zoom does however offer plugins for different web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox for scheduling meetings but this lacks the ability for scheduling the meetings natively without the need of opening client or app. Start working on your own app with mobile app development Dubai.


Both Google Meet and Zoom are currently offering free meetings for up to a hundred participants however using the free versions of both services have a few limitations for example limited minutes however Zoom has been offering 40 minutes sessions. Google Meet has however dropped its limit of time on the free meetings until March of 2021.


 Both Google Meet and Zoom offers the users free services for video conferencing along with host of functions for controlling meetings of different sizes. Zoom comes on top in terms of abilities and the control offered for the free accounts. Google Meet allows the users to use features such as audio or video preview screens to prepare for the meetings, screens hare, control the meeting hosts, seamless integration with apps of Google and Microsoft Office and also have excellent cross-platform compatibility. Find more information with A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

Which would be the best option for you?

Whether you like one platform over the other it mainly comes down to the specific features such as easy integration with different software or the need for recording the meetings free of cost. Google Meet would be great for users who want to integrate their video chat and G suite capabilities while Zoom has the sole purpose for video conferencing to provide a robust experience for large conferences. You can start working on similar video conferencing apps for different target audiences through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

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